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Chainalysis Named To 2018 CB Insights Fintech 250

Chainalysis Named To 2018 CB Insights Fintech 250 Below is an article originally written by PowerToFly Partner Chainalysis, and published on October 23, 2018. Go to Chainalysis page on PowerToFly to see their open positions and learn more.On October 22, 2018, CB Insights released their second annual Fintech 250 list, and named Chainalysis as part of the group of emerging private companies working on groundbreaking financial technology. The CB Insights research team selected the Fintech 250 companies based on several factors including data submitted by each company and their Mosaic Score. (You can read more about The Mosaic Score, based on CB Insights algorithm).In response to the exciting nomination, our Co-Founder and COO, Jonathan Levin notedChainalysiss steadfast mission of building trust in blockchains has made us a trusted partner to the worlds leading cryptocurrency businesses, financial institutions, and government agencies. Weve always felt that bridging the gap between these three key groups allows the market to seize the nearly unlimited promise of cryptocurrencies, and are proud to be honored alongside other companies moving fintech forward.In April, we secured $16M in Series A funding led by Benchmark to deploy Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) and expand our coverage of cryptocurrencies. We now serve over 150 of the worlds leading cryptocurrency businesses, financial institutions, and government agencies and we look forward to continuing on that journey.

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10 Parallels Between the Job-Search Process and Dating

10 Parallels Between the Job-Search Process and Dating10 Parallels Between the Job-Search Process and Dating10 Parallels Between the Job Search and DatingYour love life and your job search arent so different after all.The job-search process is remarkably similar to dating. Your heart races and you spend hours obsessing over what to wear and what to say. You want to be well-liked and in control. Theres a ton of uncertainty, huge potential for missteps, and the need to come across as interested but bedrngnis desperate. Surprisingly, some of the best advice around dating can be applied to an effective job search with good resultsHere are 10 ways in which dating and the job-search process are the same. By reflecting on ansicht tips, you will gain some new job-search techniques and set yourself well on your way to the next professional opportunity that you love1. You have to get out there to get resultsYou do not meet new people or learn about professional opportunities by sitting on you r couch with a bowl of ice-cream, binge-watching Netflix Yes the same advice you get for finding that special someone applies to an effective job search. If you want options, you have to get out there and be open to possibilities.This advice is easier to give than to receive, especially in the dead of winter when the weather is miserable and all you want to do is hibernate. However, thats also what makes it a great time to be out there starting your job search The start of the new year means new budgets, new projects, and new opportunities.2. You dress to impressWe all know that the world does not revolve around looks and yet the way you present yourself does begin with your choice of attire. On first dates and first interviews, your goal is to make a favorable impression as a great match or candidate. When choosing your attire for an interview, remember that clothes should be the least interesting thing about you. You want to stand out for the right reasons, so in most profession al circumstances a classic suit and minimal jewelry make for a safe choice.3. You agonize over whether you should make the first moveA position at your dream company is just like that good-looking guy or girl at the gym. You would love to move beyond wistful glances and have an actual conversation, but whats the best way to do it? Do you make the first move or wait for the other side?The trick to solving this professional (and personal) puzzle is getting clear on how much control you want over timing and circumstances. If you choose to make the first move in the job-search process, you get to spielblttchen when and how you reach out. Done well, a first move can communicate your strength and interest without making the interaction uncomfortable. Have a positive attitude, be prepared, professional, and take care not to put undue pressure on the other person. A patient approach that is structured to add value works best over the long term.4. You want to be yourself, yet choose your wor ds carefullyThere should be a balance between letting your personality and preferences show and being cautious about what you say. Advice on dating and interviewing comes down to being aware of how you come across and managing it to a point. Putting on a fake personality wont serve you. After all, you can only stand on your head for so long5. You watch for clues and patternsDuring the job-search process and in dating, the other side is also carefully watching whats being said, so you have to look for clues and patterns to complete your understanding of whats happening. Do they like you? Do they have reservations? Will you get the next call?As in dating, its a good idea to be present and pay attention to your surroundings, the other persons demeanor and attitude, and any other signs you might pick up along the way. However, its decidedly not a good idea to overthink them. Its easy to focus on the fact that your interview was very short or that the interviewer seemed distracted. Thos e signs might mean that they were not interested or perhaps that they were dealing with an urgent client demand that had to be addressed immediately. You dont really know whats happening inside of someone elses head, so look for big patterns and try not to jump to conclusions.Related7 Signs You Aced Your First Interview6. Youre careful not to move too htte nicht viel gefehltOn dates and interviews, you want to be smart about your choice of topics and words. Showing your cards too early or being too open in the first interview can set you at a disadvantage. There will be time to discuss your salary expectations when the prospective employer is confident youre the right person for the job. Bringing up money or other sensitive topics up front is like telling your date that you plan to be married in a year and have kids soon after too much pressure at the wrong time.7. You try to come across as interested but not desperateThe interview went well, you walked out of the office building b uzzing with excitement about the next steps just to encounter radio silence for two days afterwards. You thought they loved you The manager said he would be in touch soon Have you been professionally ghosted? How do you follow up after an interview without seeming desperate? What should you do if you get no response after the interview?In a world of dating, ghosting is about disappearing without giving the other person the benefit of a clear yes or no answer. On the receiving end, it can be exceptionally frustrating especially if you find yourself consumed with waiting by the phone or obsessing over what you might have said or done to deserve the silent treatment.Professional ghosting is just as frustrating. After all, a clear no is often better than weeks of uncertainty. My best advice is not to let it consume your days. Keep on moving forward with the job search. Its a good idea to reach out to your contact after the companys stated decision-making deadline has passed, but if yo u find yourself refreshing your inbox every 10 minutes its probably time to focus on other opportunities.8. Youre not sure how to answer What are you looking for?Describing your perfect partner can be a frustrating exercise, especially if you believe that youll know your true love when you see them. Same goes for professional opportunities. It can be difficult to start your job search and describe your ideal job while keeping the description realistic, grounded, and clear.Of course, you want to work at a company that contributes to improving the world and report to a boss who appreciates your efforts. In a dating world, thats the reason so many online personal profiles include statements about enjoying walks on the beach, nights out with friends, quiet evenings at home, and enjoying life to the fullest. If youre describing everyone, youre also describing no one in particular and that trap is just as true for the professional job search as it is for Tinder.My best advice is to get c lear on what you want professionally. Go beyond the obvious and dig deep into whats important to you. Im not asking you to name the company and the position with 100 percent accuracy, but you should be able to verbalize your choice criteria. How will you know when the fit is right? Answering that question will shape a mora effective job search.9. You shouldnt settle.Oh, the thin line between realistic expectations and low expectations. Many professionals believe that grounded expectations means they must set their bar low and curb their drive for excellence. In reality, thats far from what serves you best. Your desire to work in a place that will make the most out of your talents, appreciate you, and reward your hard work is not wrong. You just want to steer clear of false ideas around your perfect job. There is no job that is 100 percent fun and enjoyable. Everyone experiences challenges and setbacks, whether it be getting funding for a project, communicating with team members, or managing tight deadlines. By all means, do not settle that breeds resentment and creates bad outcomes. Instead, be clear-eyed and honest about what you need and want.10. Youre looking for chemistry.Sometimes, your senses pick up patterns and clues faster than your logical brain can register them. We may think of it as chemistry when a conversation feels good and right, and when you have a sense of excitement and comfort. Those feelings are worth paying attention to Its also best not to let these feelings be your only decision-making metric. However, ignoring your instincts means shutting off a valuable stream of information.In closing, finding the right match is not easy whether on the dating scene or in an interview. In your job-search process, as in your search for that special someone, be present to opportunities, realistic, and smart. Above all, honor what is true for you and love yourself first. That may sound like odd advice to give in regards to your professional life, but clear decision guidelines can make your choices simple, and help you shape a career you love.Click on the following link for more job-search advice.Looking to update more than just your dating profiles? Request a free resume review today Recommended ReadingWant to Impress With Your Resume? Heres What NOT to DoPros and Cons of Quitting Your Job Search and Taking a BreakCareer Quiz Is It Time for a Career Change?

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Customize this Outstanding Payroll Resume 4 Sample

Customize this Outstanding Payroll Resume 4 SampleCustomize this Outstanding Payroll Resume 4 SampleSample Payroll Manager ResumeCreate Resume SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS Ten Years Experience with Multi-State, International and High Volume Payrolls Five Years Supervisory Role Overseeing Staff of Four Assistants Seven Years Consulting Recruiting Agencies, Individual Client Projects Payroll for 2800+ EEs Certified Union Cycles include Monthly, Semi-Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Weekly Accounts Receivable and Payable Function 400+ invoices daily, check runs, invoices billing statements Implementation of Various Payroll Applications GL Interface and Payroll Import Procedures/ADP Proficient in Balancing Functions using an Automated Time Attendance System Manual Timecards Maintenance of Payroll Related G/L Reconciliation and Journal Entries Employee Maintenance within Regulations of Wage and Overtime Laws Processing In-House Annual, Quarterly and Weekly Multi-State tax Filings SAP Superior Office Administration Skills Arranged travel/hotel agenda for Executives, Composed and prepared Inter-office correspondence, Provided general office support Outstanding Sales Management and Customer Service Problem Solving SkillsExperience 6/2001 to Present Payroll Consulting-Various Agencies Individual Client Projects PAYROLL MANAGER/supervisorin Supervision- Staff or Two or More Payroll Processors Assessment Evaluation of Payroll Data Bases/Re-mapping fields Implement Payroll Processing Procedures Initialize Data Base Enhancing/Upgrades/Importing Data/GL Interface Client Outsourcing Correspondence Oversee Conversions from Manual/Automated Processes Data Base Maintenance Procedures, User Preference Set Up Assistance of Payroll Processing Entries w/Staff1/2001 to 5/2001 Red Sky Interactive PAYROLL MANAGER Supervision- Staff of Three Payroll Processors Conversion of Sequel Server to Oracle Server Multi User Environment 11 Users ADP PCPW Upgrading from Version 2.45 to 3.1, Report Smith P reparation and completion of Bi/Semi/Weekly Pay Cycles for 1100 Employees Creation of Importing Pay Data from Excel to ADP Exporting GL Interface Oracle Oversee Daily New Hire Entries and Changes Data Base Maintenance, User Preference Set Up, Merger 2 Company Codes Processing 401K Contribution and Garnishments Recruitment of New 3rd Party Payroll Service6/2000 to 8/2000 First Consulting Group Account Pros -Consulting EngagementPAYROLL SPECIALIST ADP PCPW Version 3.1, People Soft and Crystal Reporting Preparation of Canadian ADP Payroll Processing Weekly and Semi-Monthly for 1500 Employees Responsible for Transmits, Check Adjustments and Disbursements Importing People Soft HR Tracking Changes Providing Production Support for Payroll and HR Staff Responding to Payroll Director RE Issues Resulting from People Soft Importing1/2000 to 5/2000 Pacific Monarch Resorts Consulting EngagementPAYROLL/HR SUPERVISOR Recruitment and Supervision- Staff of four Payroll Processors Conversion of SAP R /3 to ADP PCPW Version. 3.1, E-Time for Kronos, Report Smith Preparation and completion of Bi/Semi Pay Cycles for 2200 Employees Oversee Daily New Hire Processes and Procedures Audit Weekly Time Keeping Reports- E-Time Maintenance of 401K, Flex, Medical and Dental Contributions and Payments Implementation of rckwrtsgewandt Calc Process Writing and Interpreting Payroll Rules and Guidelines Research and Resolve Payroll Discrepancies with Payroll Department10/1998 to 1/2000 Optum SoftwarePAYROLL ADMINISTRATOR Process semi-monthly, multi-state payroll for 950 using ADP PC/Windows, E-Time Supervision of two Accounting Department Assistants Manage General Ledger payroll entries with Navision Financials and perform resource card updates. A/R, Bank Reconciliation, A/P departmental cost coding invoices Process new hires to terminated employees. Responsible for daily processing of manual checks including resignation, severance and adjustments. Process electronic timesheets for generation of r evenue for accounts receivable department. Perform multi-state processing of 401K and Flex Benefits each pay period. Process vacation, sick and personal day accruals, both ADP related and manual. Research and resolve payroll discrepancies. Maintain employee payroll files through e-mail correspondence for payroll issues. Generate reports through utilization of Reports Smith and Excel.7/1997 to 10/1998 Styles for LessPAYROLL ADMINISTRATOR Processed Bi-weekly payroll for 1100 Emp Ceridian HR/PR for Windows. Supervision of three Department Assistants Processed manual checks including, termination, bonus, adjustment, salary increase, vacation and sick accrual. Management of Benefits Enrollment including Medical, Dental and Life Insurance Implemented multi-state insurance (Nevada and Arizona). Implemented EFT/Direct deposit for corporate office employees. Processed timekeeping audit log reports, for 60 stores through the STS system. Generated reports to recap payroll, store budget hours, termination and store manager reports.9/1996 to 7/1997 General Linear ElectronicsPAYROLL/OFFICE MANAGER Processed Bi-Weekly Payroll for 200 Emp ADP for Dos Version Supervision of two Office Assistants Posted daily bank deposits balances, A/Pcost coding invoices Posted General Ledger entries, A/R, Bank Reconciliation Processed Annual and Quarterly Tax filingsComputerSkillsProficient in MS Word, Works, Excel, WordPerfect, PeachTree, Ceridian, Kronos, STS, ADP Dos and Windows, Report Smith 1, 2, PowerPoint, E-Time, TimeKeeper (Kronos), Zurich Prestige Application, People Soft, SAP 3/R HR/Payroll 4.51 Version, Lawson, Navision Financials, Great Plains and Ten Key-by-Touch.LanguagesSpanish.AdditionalTrainingADP Year End Seminar 5 Yrs., Payroll Conference Anaheim, CA. Yr. 2001. Currently pursuing CPP.Customize Resume

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5 Tips to Find a Telecommute Job

5 Tips to Find a Telecommute Job5 Tips to Find a Telecommute Jobcompanies who offer remote and flexible jobs. Finding a telecommuting position is bedrngnis as hard as you might think.Here are 5 tips to find a telecommute job and pursuing your professional passions and living your life on your terms.Talk to your boss.Even if youve worked in your current job for years (and in an office), you might still be able to transition it to a work from home position. Schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss your plan. Point out the areas in your position that can be done from a home office. If shes reticent, offer a temporary telecommuting schedule say, a month or two to test out the waters.Create your home office.Its often said that when you go for a job interview, you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Likewise for when youre looking to telecommute. If your goal is to work partially or full-time from home, you need to set the stage for working from home. That means knowing how to equip your home office (such as a dedicated space, a good computer, and a high-speed connection) in order to telecommute.Redesign your resume.Just as you should have different resumes showcasing your skills for the various jobs youre applying for, you should also have a resume for telecommuting positions. How is it different from your current resume? Well, a work from home resume would show off all the qualities an employer is looking for in a telecommuter, such as your ability to work independently, your excellent communication skills and being self-motivated, among others.Do your research.When youre looking for a job that allows you to work from home, investigate the companies that are already known for giving their employees flex schedules. Taking the time to research companies will not only make your job search efforts more streamlined, but it will be easier to negotiate a flex schedule during the interview process.Structure your search.Pouring through job ads ca n be an overwhelming experience. So narrow your search by looking for the words telecommute or work from home. Keep in mind that there are many, many job scams that prey upon those who are searching for work from home positions. screens all of the companies listed on the site to offer truly legitimate jobs for our job seekers.If youre looking to create a little more work life balance, a telecommuting position is a crucial key for successReaders, what steps did you take when deciding to find a telecommute job?

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5 Questions to Help You Avoid Job Scams

5 Questions to Help You Avoid Job Scams5 Questions to Help You Avoid Job Scams12For many job seekers, the process of finding work can be difficult and stressful. Looking for flexible jobs is even harder, given that there are an estimated 60-70 scams for every legitimate work-at-home job. Arm yourself with questions to help you avoid job scams and feel more confident in your ability to find a great job that fits your life.5 Questions to Help You Avoid Job ScamsDoes the posting give you the name of the company?Assuming the employer is not confidential, you should research companies and professionals to the best of your ability to avoid job scams. If you arent at all familiar with the company, look for a mailing address and phone number, as well as any feedback on sites such as Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Report, and other reputable websites.Google the name of the company, positiv the word scam, to see what pops up. Search for social media accounts and take note of the type of activi ty, as well as how current and frequent they post. If you are unable to find much of a presence, go the conservative route and take a pass.Do you need to hand over any money to get the job?This is a great question to help you avoid job scams. You should never have to pay to get hired by a company. Freelance jobs will often require you to have your own home office that allows you to work productively and efficiently. However, professional employment opportunities will not cost you money for training, company-supplied materials, or as a commitment for tenure. Keep in mind there is a difference in paying for a service designed to help you in your job search- headhunters, career coaches, resume services, and niche job boards, such as- which are legitimate investments in your career.Does the job sound too good to be true?Wouldnt it be great if we could all make $10,000 a week for 10 hours of work? If you want to avoid job scams, dont look at jobs that are too good to be true. Honestly, i f these jobs were real, the companies would have a line out the door with people looking to fill the positions.The fact is that legitimate, professional jobs are not get-rich-quick gigs. A big salary generally requires a great absprache of education, experience, and effort. You should expect to pay your dues and be paid an amount that is commensurate with your background and ability.Is the company asking for personal information before you have secured the job?A legitimate company is not going to ask for things such as your bank account information, social security number, drivers license number, or credit card information. Employers will need some personal data for payroll and tax purposes, but they should never ask for it before a job offer has been offered and extended. To avoid job scams, never give out personal information before you get the job.Keep your guard up if the topic comes up during the application or interview process- the people who pull off these scams are often ve ry good at convincing you that the request for confidential information is reasonable.Does any part of it feel off to you?Is the person you are corresponding with using an email address that is personal (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.), one that ends with a foreign country code, or is just a little different from others at the company? Are you being interviewed via IM, not being interviewed at all, or contacted via text message? Is the job title work at home? Follow your instincts. If something seems not quite right, question it and be prepared to walk away.If you suspect that you are dealing with a scammer, end your contact immediately and know how to report a job scam.Readers, what are some other considerations when deciding if a posting is a job scam? How do you avoid job scams? Leave your best ideas belowSaveSave

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The Secret to Curric Vitae

The Secret to Curric Vitae When writing an effective executive level CV you have to be conscious of the greater demands and duties placed upon the executive when compared with the other heights of employee in an organization. Therefore, youre advised to make profile which clearly specifies your goal related to employment. Being on work hunt and understanding how to compose a cover letter are inseparable. A CV curriculum vitae ought to have the link so the prospective employer can know that you mean business because you have updated your LinkedIn profile too and youre quite serious in locating a part in an organization, proactively trying to find a new challenging function. If youve got an updated LinkedIn profile, why dont you add its hyperlink. Application documents sent via email wont be accepted. If you are thinking about how to create an effective Resume, among the things to bear in mind is that it should be search engine optimized. There are many Resume examples out th ere, where you could see the usage of keywords in the ideal way in a CV format for job application. What Curric Vitae Is - and What it Is Not The CV template demonstrates how to format your Curriculum Vitae and lets you know what kind of information needs to be included. You have to find the CV writing services if you prefer to stay away from the mistakes in the CV. The CV writing services can effect an outstanding CV for you. The CV within the chat bubble does double-duty as a nahe daran sein abbreviation of our name and an allusion to the curriculum vitae, a timeless representation of somebodys career path. Traditionally, CVs are generally arranged in a chronological format and makes it simple for the recruiter to acquire a summary of somebodys full work career. Outside the United States, they are much mora common. The Most Popular Curric Vitae Along with the dissertation, theres coursework in a doctorate application that will teach the concentration specifically. Most sc hools that provide LPC want to understand whether their students are dedicated to studying the course and apply the knowledge they gain to good use. Along with stating your education, be certain that you be clear how itll be helpful in the job that youre applying for. Simply speaking, an educational institution will really like to take you on in the event youve proven your capacity to receive published, so you may receive their name out there, too. Finding the Best Curric Vitae Begin with a paper wireframe if you need to construct your own. Understanding how to compose a cover letter isnt just about the format, because you can see. Besides ensuring your letters become submitted punctually, you may also curate your LORs to help you stand out. Job application letter A model job request letter has to have the objective of producing an extremely excellent impression of its author so he can secure a particular job. From your CV, the employer must believe youve got the dispositi on as well as the characteristics thatll cause you to be a valuable accession to the team. While searching for a work online, there are times when you will notice employers requesting a CV rather than a resume. They shouldnt be related to you. It might also enable for a hiring manager or recruiter to control all their candidates leads on a portal that matches their very own internal systems. The details here are needed so if one is regarded as a possible employer, it is going to be simple for the enterprise to get in contact with the applicant and be scheduled for an interview. Candidate 1 and candidate 2, who possess the exact strengths, apply to get a job. The entire group of Curriculum Vitae Chain believe that finding a dream job by means of your dream employer ought to be fast and simple. If youve ever employed an on-line job board, CV database or expert networking site such as LinkedIn, you are going to appreciate the method by which the ability to come across people wit h the correct abilities and experience is able to help you identify prospective candidates for positions you want to recruit. It is very important to look at adding all supporting information related to your experience and qualifications. One needs to pick the appropriate tool to get best output in conditions of career building. If youre looking for publications that youve not self-published, using Amazons search isnt really well worth it. Additionally, a CV will arrive in handy if you prefer to go international. Your CV must convince the business youve got the commitment and which you simply truly will need to work with or under him. Your CV is the way youll be judged by your prospective employers, and its the very first impression you earn. Because your CV demands specific and detailed career info, it ought to be frequently updated. Where to Find Curric Vitae The letter must always make a substantive case advocating for you to be appointed so just an official line or two isnt enough. A noticeably short CV may also appear suspect, either an indication that youre omitting things, or maybe reflecting a lack of publications or achievements both matters where academics have a tendency to go long. The statement of purpose is the significant part of your application. Besides being captivating, it should incorporate a very clear statement of your professional objectives and philosophy. Our professional CV writers are extremely experienced and understand how to make you distinguish yourself from the crowd and make a favorable impression. Whatever style you select, the principles of writing a good resume are the exact same. A great way to construct your CV is to first brainstorm all the accomplishments you wish to include. A CV includes a comprehensive description of somebodys work experience, educational background, and abilities.

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Unusual Facts About Resume Writing Format Ppt Revealed by Industry Leaders

Unusual Facts About Resume Writing Format Ppt Revealed by Industry Leaders The Chronicles of Resume Writing Format Ppt You ought to be in a position to make the ideal ppt on resume writing thats simple for everybody to grasp. Making a resume ought to be completed fastidiously so that there are no errors. A writing vorlage lowers the necessity of producing the document from the scratch every other moment. Four-square templates are the fantastic means to continue to keep students focused on this issue. When writing personal mission statement generator can truly assist you with that. At length, youve got to compose a closing paragraph. You must start with an opening paragraph. Your opening paragraph needs to be your strongest and should clearly show what you need to provide the military. Alternatively you may download totally free PowerPoint backgrounds and slide designs to utilize in job interviews or company presentations or you are able to find out more about how to down load completely free animated PowerPoint backgrounds. The newest tool to utilize for writing a good resume is the template which is readily available online and for free in addition to paid versions. One other great template on the list is known as Flux. Therefore, using resume writing templates offering sequential writing format will let you get noticed. Youve got to coincide with your qualifications with their requirements. Hopefully among the aforementioned ppt on resume writing examples can supply you with benefits to be in a position to open up a prosperous alternate for you in applying for any job. Resume writing templates are segregated into various types based on the profession and achievements of an individual. The New Fuss About Resume Writing Format Ppt In the event you do not own a content manager who provides you with a range of topics to titelseite, you must demonstrate creativity. Writing a covering letter is a significant portion of your application and our experts can enable you to acquire an advantage over your competition. The aim of your resume is to secure you the interview. If you cannot sell yourself with your resume, you may not have the chance to sell yourself at an interview. The Fundamentals of Resume Writing Format Ppt Revealed When you submit an application for a job there are quite a few other candidates who want to find the identical job and submit resume for the exact same. Attain not write what you would like in work. You can believe you did a fantastic job but finally, your resume can be bad. To acquire the job that you require, after all you need to go through the procedure of requesting work first. Resume writing samples provided will offer you a peek into the sort of resume you want to have according to your profession. My plan isnt the secret Coca-Cola formula. As much as possible, youve got to restrict your cover letter to just a single page. Also, be certain that there is enough white space on the page to ensure it is effortless to scan. Our writing paper templates are the very best approach to restart. Your resume, as previously mentioned, isnt an all-out explanation of each step youve taken. On occasion the technical problem may require far more attention because it can impact other clients. The solution is yes in the event that you wish to. It is 6 seconds for the first pass.